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Access to Justice

According to international and European human rights law, the notion of access to justice obliges states to guarantee each individual’s right to go to court – or, in some circumstances, an alternative dispute resolution body – to obtain a remedy if it is found that the individual’s rights have been violated. It is thus also an enabling right that helps individuals enforce other rights. 

Hospitality, Retail, and Hairdressing are among some of the many industries that pay minimum wage in Northern Ireland and the UK. We believe, that if the lowest paid in society are not provided with a decent "living wage" the least we can do is provide them with access to justice at an affordable price or pro bono given their circumstances.



We have a strong track record in Northern Ireland of, generally being fair to employees.  However, we personally have come across cases of unfair selection and recruitment of employees. Our findings have uncovered serious failings in some businesses recruiting policies with no or little prospects of hospitality graduates progressing in family organisations or corporate firms.


We have found that (in some cases) hiring friends and family before experienced candidates or graduates with degrees, is a growing pattern in the UK and unfortunately, now in Northern Ireland. This leads to the 

question; are our employers favouring cheap labour over a skilled and

educated workforce? 

We believe that the lowest paid employees in our society deserve access to justice and can make a massive contribution to our economy and  their personal well being. However, employees must be treated fairly and enjoy reasonable working conditions. Our vision is clear. If the lowest paid employees in our society are denied access to justice in employment rights or access to education, we have a duty to provide them with our help.


We believe in supporting the constitutional principle of the rule of law when it involves employees and we hope to increase public and private stakeholders' understanding of our citizens legal rights and duties. We sincerely hope that employers engage with us as to help create the perfect working environment to make their businesses safe, enjoyable and profitable.    



Bullying, deduction of wages, non payment of wages, harassment, unfair dismissal, sexual harassment and many many more of these unlawful behaviours need to be addressed and eradicated in order to sustain the wonderful workforce we already have.


"Even the lowest paid in society deserve access to justice".    

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