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Settling out of Court

There are other alternatives for settling a dispute with your employer other than going to court. We would suggest that Alternative Dispute Resolution is another option and can have the advantage of being less stressful on the injured parties. We have an amazing organisation in Northern Ireland called the Labour Relations Agency.


This organisation is Northern Ireland’s leading authority in promoting productive working relationships for the benefit of individuals and organisations and was established in 1976 with responsibility for promoting the improvement of employment relations.


The Labour Relations Agency provides free, impartial and confidential services to employers, employer bodies, employees and workers in Northern Ireland. HR and legal professionals must inform the Agency if they intent to apply to the court in order to settle a dispute.

The Agency believes that early conciliation is about more than just a change in process.  It represents a valuable opportunity to bring cultural change in how workplace disputes are resolved in Northern Ireland and is the most effective way to resolve workplace problems, before parties become embroiled in an often bitter legal confrontation. All too often that approach destroys any hope of repairing the working relationship and can leave employers and employees alike significantly out of pocket.

We will give you the best advice after all the parties have consulted with the LRA. The LRA will not influence you in any way.  They are a proficient body and are totally independent between the views of the parties involved in the dispute.  Please contact us by email below or give us a quick call for more help and information on this subject.

If you wish to contact the LRA directly, they and be found on their website under Labour Relations Agency, Hill Street, Belfast.

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