Some More Home Truths DISCRIMINATION

We need to be honest about discrimination in the workplace. Ignorance and fear of employees' cultures, sexuality, home-life, and needs are only a few. Fortunately there are many fantastic employers in Northern Ireland and the UK. However, there is a small number who do not have the best interests of their employees at heart and act in an unprofessional manner.

The most insidious  types of DISCRIMINATION are racial, sexual, age and disability.  However, discrimination  can come in many other, less obvious ways and there are many reasons why individual employers discriminate.  However, no reasons warrant an excuse to bully, victimize or discriminate against employees. You must stand up against discrimination in your workplace or anywhere. Unfortunately it is often the poorest or lowest paid in society who are discriminated against. 


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Some More Home Truths PAYMENT OF WAGES

Would may or may not be surprised to hear that some of the highest percentages of Employment Tribunals and out of court settlements in Northern Ireland and the UK are  payment related. Can you guess why?  It doesn't take a lot to work out the answer! 

As mentioned already, generally we have great employers.  However, there are some who, if they see an opportunity to do so, will avoid paying you your statutory entitled wages - to their own financial benefit.  Here are a few examples where employers may incorrectly deduct your wages:  (1) by paying you the incorrect rate according to your age;   (2) not giving you your correct holiday entitlement;  (3) by deducting your wages if your job status changes; (4) deducting wages for working outside your usual place of work; (5) unpaid expenses;  (6) uniforms; (7) insisting you be on a job 15 minutes before time. Please let us know if you think you are not being paid correctly. 


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Why do people bully at work? Bullying can turn an idyllic job into something you dread. Whether it’s your co-worker or a boss, dealing with intimidation at work can leave you feeling constantly on edge, fearful, and helpless. Bullies are employers' worst nightmares and cost them millions of pounds each year in compensation claims.

Bullying traits are very similar to those of the person who directly discriminates against an employee and bullies are generally defined as people who intimidate or control others to achieve their own aims. Workplace bullies generally manipulate or terrorise those with status below or equivalent to themselves.

The way to deal with bullies is to unite with your co-workers. Grouping against a bully will provide victims with support for their feelings, since victims of bullies are at risk of becoming isolated. Through joining together and discussing the bully’s behaviour, co-workers can contain the bully, who, with their behaviour exposed, loses the power to terrorise – and faces the threat of isolation.

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