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Equal Pay


It is important to remember that it is unlawful for employers to discriminate between men and women in terms of their pay and conditions in relation to the same or similar work, (like work) work rated as equivalent in a job evaluation study by the employer, or work of equal value equal pay.

Under statutory law, you also must be paid at least the national minimum wage and living wage rates. The rates change every April. £8.72 for age 25 and over, £8.20 for age 21 to 24, £6.45 for age 18 to 20,  £4.55 for under 18 and £4.15 for an Apprentice. 


Your employer can pay you any rate over the minimum wage.  However, by law, your employer must not pay you under these guidelines. If your employer is or has been paying you under the minimum wage, you are entitled to a full back-payment for the amount of hours you worked from the time the unlawful deduction of wages began and you must be reimbursed for the amount of money you were paid short. As an example; if an employer told you that you had to pay for a basic compulsory health and safety item such as hard boots in a construction site or face masks in a retail or hospitality organisation it may amount to unauthorised deduction of wages.

Employees, workers and some other groups are protected from employers making unauthorised deductions from their pay and wages. Employers can only make a deduction in specific situations and they must follow your employment contract terms.

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