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Our Commitments & Fees Policy

There is no charge for an Employee if you are making a claim at a Fair Employment Tribunal in Northern Ireland and the UK. So unless you are paying a representative, like a solicitor there is no cost in making a claim.

We have a NO WIN NO FEE POLICY if appropriate. This means, you will not be charged for any of our services until you are happy and agree with the bespoke service we will provide for you.  Our

competitors rates in NI and the UK can range from £110-£220 per hour. Our rate is approximately a third of the lowest consultation rate we could find locally. As promised, our initial

consultation is absolutely  FREE OF CHARGE.


The Industrial Tribunals and Fair Employment Tribunal Court give employees "their day in court" if they have been treated unlawfully or discriminated against, harassed, unfairly dismissed or have suffered any other detriment by their employer. We will have no hesitation applying to the Court if employers continue to flout the law and will move this process along accordingly.


We will always be honest with our clients and will advise them not to proceed with a case if we feel we have no or very little chance of a positive outcome, and/or we believe that their grievance or concerns [on the information they have given us] may not be serious enough to warrant an Employment Tribunal Hearing.


Should your case have a positive outcome, we ask 20% of any financial settlement compared to our average competitors 30-35% [from an employer or a Tribunal Hearing]. This settlement fee will be reduced to 15% for any Personal or Tribunal award over £16,000 to the claimant we are representing if they are receiving NI or UK minimum wage. [This bespoke rate only applies to employees in Northern Ireland or the UK receiving minimum wage]. 

In exceptional circumstances, and/or where we believe the lowest paid employees in our society are unable to pay for our services due to an unacceptable detriment caused to that person  by  an employer, we will offer our services

 "Pro Bono".

Fees for clients other than employees can be  negotiated on request, any fee will still be less than half of the starting rates of   most of  our competitors. However, given the current economic climate we can reduce this rate for smaller



We respect and fully endorse the Information Commissioner's

Office and your rights Under the Data Protection Act 2018.


In accordance with the Competitions and Markets Authority guidelines (Competition Act 1998) we are committed to promoting healthy and lawful competition. We do this by keeping our fees at affordable prices for the lowest paid in society and especially employees on minimum wage with limited access to justice.

We offer a bespoke service to employers on guidance and consultation  in order to help them comply with subjects such as legislation, the use of best practice guidelines for employers, help with employees concerns, help with your concerns and many many more. 

We also offer a bespoke service in Hospitality Consultation Advice with a total of 70 years combined hands on and academic experience, we offer free initial consultation in any subject regarding the Hospitality Industry with a FdSc  in Hospitality and Tourism Management  with commendation and a PGCert in Employment Law and Practice with distinction.


We are committed to encouraging internal settlements  in order to minimise stress for both employees and employers. We fully respect, endorse and encourage all employers to follow LRA Guidelines for best practice solutions. Our responsibilities include freeing up the courts in order to minimise costly litigation, and encouraging Alternative Dispute Resolution with the Labour Relations Agency.

Please send us an email or give us a quick call for a free introductory consultation. As promised, we offer a "No win no fee policy" for employees.





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Our hours & times of business may  vary from time to time

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