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This HR recovery plan was introduced to the HR world by Acclaimed Author Mike Cope. It works on a rolling learning cycle and is a global strategy used by successful companies and all industries world wide. 

The process is clear and basically evolves the organisation or client to share their vision for their company. We need to look at your company as you see it. However, consulting contracts focused on selfish outcomes do not work with this business model, as it offers little opportunity for long term sustainable profit or success and will destroy any emotional contract with the Teams in the organization.

The process involves, the client and consultant identifying the problems by working together in creating and introducing plans to fix failings in the business. Once identified and agreed on, the parties make and implement the changes needed, a final draft is made confirming changes that need to be agreed on followed by continuous work to keep the plan going. Close the project and watch it grow.

Gov. UK has introduced 'a guideline report' for employers and how to proceed in their (EL) policies. The Taylor Report is not the holy grail of all the solutions you seek to fix all employment issues. However, the good news is, we have a network of HR Business and (EL) Legislation to guide us into safe waters.

HR Recovery Plan


Mikes HR recovery plan works on a rolling learning cycle and is used by millions of successful companies. 

The process is clear:

It Involves-


  • You and your organisation 

  • Identifying and clarify the problems

  • Creating and introducing plans to fix failings

  • Making and Implement the changes needed

  • Confirming changes that need to be made

  • Continuous work to keep the plan going

  • Closing the project and watch it grow


  1. So how can we help? We can study and look at your organisation and share  our findings with you based on KPIs in all departments at every level.

  2. Based on findings, we will supply a short summery highlighting shortcoming's or breaches in employment law that may be failing the Business.

  3. We then introduce a joint agreed plan to change your organisation failings.

  4. Together, and with your teams we will make the changes needed

  5. Together, we confirm the changes made and agree on them 

  6. We also agree to continue with the changes made for a fair and reasonable period of time to give the project a chance to succeed.

  7. We close the project and watch it grow.

Gov. UK has introduced 'a guideline report' for employers and how to proceed in their (EL) policies. The Taylor Report is not the holy grail of all the solutions you seek to fix all employment issues. However, the good news is, we have a network of HR Business and (EL) Legislation to guide us into safe waters.

Government Reports on Employers Guidance

Work in the economy should be fair and decent with a realistic scope for development and fulfilment. Good work matters for several reasons. Here are some examples that need to be addressed.

Fairness should demand that we ensure people, particularly those on lower incomes, have routes to progress in work with opportunity to boost earning power and are treated with respect and decency at work.

If you would like to learn more on how we can help with your HR challenges we are just an email or phone call away, please feel free to get in touch and ask any questions, initial advice on any HR issues are free and all Information regarding our service to you is private and confidential.

Steps towards fair and decent work with realistic
scope for development and fulfilment


  • All work must be fair and decent with a realistic scope for development

  • People are driven by different motivations at different points in their lives

  • What represents quality to them now may not represent quality ten years

  • Pay is only one aspect in determining quality work for many people

  • People need fulfilment personal development

  • Work life-balance or flexibility are just as important to many people

  • People are most likely to enjoy work when they have a meaningful say at work

  • People would rather work in a worse job with a good boss than a good job with a terrible boss

  • Managers that treat you staff like garbage will destroy all your hard work and eventually close your business for good.


HR and new tough challenges facing Employers 

Employers are facing incredibly tough challenges ahead, especially in lower paid industries' such as Hospitality and Retail. Workers need an alternative to an anxious, unhappy, stressed  workforce environment, and given the current climate, may not be in a good place at the present time. In our collective opinion there are two options for Employers to take.


The first option would be, do nothing and carry on business as usual with the challenging bumps in the road below in front of you. Or scroll back up to the HR RECOVERY PLAN. 


  1. Immigration for work-related reasons has fallen since the year ending June 2016

  2. This has triggered a decrease in EU citizens moving to the UK for work.

  3. EU citizens arriving for work has fallen to 76,000, the lowest level since 2004.

  4. This fall in work-related immigration was seen among all EU groups. 

  5. Under the UK visa sponsorship requirement for employers, they must-

  6. Check that their foreign workers have the necessary skills and qualifications

  7. Check for professional accreditations to do their jobs

  8. Keep copies of documents showing this

  9. Only assign certificates of sponsorship to workers suitable for sponsorship

Brexit is complicated and we have yet to experience the extra paper work and red tape that comes with it, the point of this exercise is to highlight the uncertainty of the very fluid Labour Workforce on the Islands. The question on employers lips is, how can we attract Citizens form Europe to come or remain part of our workforce and will our own Citizens pick up where our European neighbours left off?

HR and an alternative to challenges
facing Employers  

​​We hope that this information has been of use to you, with or without our services and we are available if we can help or clarify the content of our findings to make your organisation safe and profitable Post-Brexit. The Importance of your teams leadership support in your organisation can not be underestimated. 

Hospitality and Retail staff have suffered as a result of terrible experiences with none compliant customers to the point of actual physical abuse and verbal insults. Some employers have refused to comply with the most basic employment legislation in Health and Safety by ignoring their duty under law to reduce risks to their teams at work.

N. Ireland has the best Universities in the world with the most committed amazing staff influencing the labour force of the future, our NHS and key workers are the backbone of our society. They will be productive if leaders change now and provide support in their health and give them access to all their statuary rights.  

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask any questions, you will not be charged for any initial advice on any HR issues you have. All Information regarding our service with you will be private and confidential.

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