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Part-time & Agency Working Rights

Part-time employees have the same statutory employment rights as other employees. You do not have to work a minimum number of hours to qualify for employment rights. Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations stipulate that part-time workers must be treated at least as well as equivalent full-time workers. 

You have the same rights as full time workers if you are doing the same work as your colleagues and are able to compare yourself to a colleague or someone who does similar work to you on a different team.

If you have changed to part-time working in the same role, then you are able to compare your part-time conditions with your previous full-time contract. This also applies if you are returning part-time after maternity or paternity leave.

The regulations include temporary staff such as agency and casual workers, but part-time agency workers can't compare themselves to full-time permanent workers. Part-time workers must get at least the same hourly pay rate as a full-timer doing a similar job.


Part-time workers should also have equal access to pension schemes, company benefits, company cars, employee discounts and health insurance if offered, should be given pro rata if possible. Agency workers terms are a little more complicated than employees. However you still have your full Human Rights under EU and NI equality rights. Please phone or contact us on our portal below for advice in this matter.

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